Cocowig hair extension

There is nothing more beautiful than the healthy long hair.  When I was a child, I had most of the time short hair. When I was a teenager, I had medium length, I could do a ponytail and I loved coloring my hair. After a lot of hair coloring (red, pink, blond! haha) my hair was broken and I just stopped the hair coloring and I just left to grew. Now I have a long hair, what looks great when I’m washing it, but sometimes in the next day it’s already flat.

I saw by many bloggers, that they are using hair extension to have a beautiful hair. After when I saw a few product review posts or videos I started being interested in this topic. In the same time I got an e-mail from a company who exactly working with hair extension and hair wigs so I could get more about the subject.

This webshop called Cocowig and they are not only a webshop, but you can find many useful informations if you are not sure about something. Just go to the frequently asked questions and you can get the answer for such a questions like: How to distinguish the synthetic wigs from human hair? or Do I clean my wig or hairpiece frequently? I found the answer for all of my important questions there. I also find it good, that the costumers can give stars after their order, so we can read what other people think about the products. They have synthetic and human hair wigs, for women, man or kids, but they also have cosplay wings, they look amazing. The wigs are made of top quality materials from the cheaper to the more expensive which has also different length and hair texture.

My favorite is the cheap celebrity wigs|celebrity style wigs for sale category there can you find the most fashionable wigs in the best price. Would you like a hair like the Kardashians or Jennifer Lawrence? There you can find the same hair style as they have.  My favorite was this beautiful long and thick hair:

Women Straight 26 Inches Lace Front Cap 120% Human Hair

If you are interested about a product review post with Cocowigs, comment me below!


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