Floral shirt and red tote bag Zaful review


Let me introduce my two lovely items what I ordered from the online shop called Zaful. This shop is an online boutique as Sammydress where you can buy the most fashionable and affordable clothing and accessories. They are always very up to date, so if you are looking for something from the current trend but you don’t want to pay to much, this shop is for you. Visit Zaful’s Instagram if you need some inspiration for your order, they have a stunning feed with blogger pictures, I always check it before I order. If you don’t have Instagram, no problem, they have facebook as well.

why-zafulWhat do you need to take care before buying from Zaful:

Ordering clothes from all online shops are may a bit risky, but if you take care about few things, you can’t cannot go wrong. Before I’m buying from online shops, I always make a little research on Instagram. Many bloggers working with Zaful and they have already pictures about a lot of items. After when I found my future item, I can imagine how it could fit on me and how others mixed it with other items. The most important thing is to read careful the sizing charge! Because if it’s too big or too small, you can send them back or give for someone, but then you stayed without your purchase. Chinese sizes always a bit smaller than Europeans, so always check the numbers! If you are not sure, buy one size bigger.

My orders from Zaful:

My first order was a floral printed long sleeve shirt in a beautiful red wine color and a super soft material. It says polyester in the description, but It’s very soft and fine, so it feels like 100% cotton. It has a nice stand-up collar and lovely rose pattern with some leafs. It’s perfect with jeans and cardigan for everyday wearing. I mixed it with my latex skinny trousers and my oxford shoes but I can imagine it with A-line front button skirt too. There is one thing that I must note: it has a bit short sleeves, as you see in the pictures, which may disturb someone. I do not mind, because I always roll up my sleeves, so it’s perfect for me.

My second order was a red tote bag and I’m very satisfied with it. I was afraid that it comes with a strong red color, but it’s beautiful and great quality. There are packets and zip inside and big enough to put in an A4 size notebook. It comes with an adjustable strap which is useful for weekdays. Oh and inside there is two separate parts what I also love. I can put separate my notebook or tablet and in the other side my drink or snacks.

I also ordered a black chooker necklace by Sammydress  with bowknot. I’m not sure about it’s leather or not (I couldn’t find any info) but it feels like leather. In the back there is lock, so easy to use and very comfy. I’m a big fan of the chooker necklaces, so this one is a must have piece.









ZAFUL Floral printed long sleeve shirt here

ZAFUL Red tote bag here

SAMMYDRESS Black choker necklace here

MANGO trouser

VERO MODA oxford shoes

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  1. 11. October 2016 / 23:59

    fú, azt hiszem leragadt a szemem most ezeken a képeken, nagyon jók lettek és szép vagy 🙂 a lényeg hogy bocsi, de csak így tudlak téged értesíteni. Látom az előző blogomon is követtél és ha még érdekel, akkor egy újat csináltam bizonyos okok miatt. (http://itislaurieslife.blogspot.hu/)
    Bocsi hogy így idepofátlankodtam, csak ennyit akartam, úgyszintén én visszairatkoztam rád, mert még mindig imádom a blogodat 🙂

    • Pink Pepper Paradise
      12. October 2016 / 14:29

      Köszönöm, hogy írtál, annak meg külön nagyon örülök, hogy tetszik a blogom! 🙂
      Követem az új blogod, sajnálom hogy a háttereddel gond volt… Egész jó detektív vagy, hogy sikerült kiderítened! 🙂

  2. 12. October 2016 / 16:03

    Amazing! The red is very intensive and looks great, I love it. You look very nice with it, nice photos 🙂

  3. 12. October 2016 / 21:47

    Great choices! I’m loving the floral pattern! The bag works super well with this look.

  4. 13. October 2016 / 5:14

    Love the outfit and the shoes are awesome thanks for sharing. The colours are perfect for the fall season.

  5. 13. October 2016 / 11:47

    I absolutely love this outfit, beautiful autumnal tones. I’ve never been a huge fan of red but I think you may have converted me! Great post thank you.

  6. Elizabeth O.
    13. October 2016 / 12:09

    That’s an amazing outfit, perfect for the fall. The colors are lovely! I think it’s awesome that you found a shop that has a lot of selections. I’m definitely checking this out as I am Christmas shopping for my daughters.

  7. 13. October 2016 / 17:20

    I’ve never heard of Zaful, but will definitely be checking them out! I live your tote so much. Such a bold color. And what a perfect outfit for fall!

  8. 13. October 2016 / 20:08

    Very nice pieces! I really like your choker- I have a similar one…Autumn colors <3<3

  9. 13. October 2016 / 21:49

    I love the floral print of this blouse and the bright colors. Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean we always have to wear muted tones.

  10. 14. October 2016 / 15:41

    Hello, I am Ada. I found you through Shelbee’s linkup. So glad I stopped by and found your awesome blog. I love this full on Fall outfit. I am all about Fall colors like Burgundy and Olive as well as Fall Florals, currently. That is all I am wearing lately. You look amazing.

    I welcome you to stop by my blog as well. I run a style linkup on Thursdays. I’d love for you to join it. Thanks and have a great weekend!


  11. 16. October 2016 / 5:55

    Cute choker! I love the way you styled your outfit. The shoes are great too.

  12. 6. November 2016 / 14:45

    Love that floral long sleeves. Equally love that red bag. I am not much into red but when I see one and love it, I will definitely consider getting one. That your red haul isn’t an exception.

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