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black eagle hooded dress

Between is a young designer brand by two Hungarian designers Csilla Szabó and Dorottya Mocsai. As they describe themselves: hard sensitive contemporary fashion from Budapest, currently have our second collection in the Pop up store called Schatzi. They are very fresh and youthful, wild and calmed, all what you find between two feeling.

Az interjút magyarul ITT találjátok


1. Tell me about the name. Why Between?
The name implies the duality in the brand’s mood, we can say it’s the Essence of the brand. It’s a unity of two different, even, opposite things and our identical frequency between us (We are the to of us the designer’s of the brand).

2. How would you describe your brand?
As we categorized at the beginning, it’s a “hard sensitive” wording. This combination of words becomes clear from the first question.

3. Tell us about your collection!
The 2016 Spring/Summer collection is basically built around the concept of “mildness and wildness” and the “taming”. When we designed the clothes, the classy femininity was in our mind in combination with the stylistic characteristics of wild animal kingdom.  We were impressed by the Russian photographer, Katerina Plotnikova in this subject.

4. Which one is your favorite pieces from the new Collection?
Hard question!
1. The black eagle bird hooded dress
2. The purple lightly bib-trouser
3. Our long coat
4. Off-white silk overall and top with neckband


5. What inspires you most as a designer?
We cannot generalize because we are a young brand with 1 year of history, but during our studies and in the last the collections we got inspired from the nature.

6. Tell me 2 style icons one from the past one from the present!
Alexander McQueen from the past and Alexander Wang now.

7. Your accessories are very unique. How come the idea to make them an integral part of the clothes?
For a long time now we have wondered the idea of a “dress-jewelry’ or ‘jewelry-dress” so we started to think about deeper. With the inspiration and the “taming” we created accessories and clothing elements.
Basically we want to be recognizable and with this plus we wanted to make it more exiting.



8. As a designer duo who does what?
This can not define so specifically, everyone doing something.

9. What are the plans for the future?
We would like to get know us at home (Hungary) and abroad as well and take andvantage of opportunities.
Long term goals: make a living doing what we love.

10. What advice would you give for young designers?
Go to learn because you will shape a lot during the years and you should not miss this out. In addition our good advice is: a lot of tenancy and positive attitude.



11. How do you imagine the fashion in 10 years?
Wow… This question is tricky. It could be anything even that which is not principle. Who would have thought that the black rubber tattoo pattern necklace is coming back after 15 years. It shouldn’t be here because it’s not that old to have the right to come back.  After this 10 years later might be the fashion which was, say, 5 years.

12. Who do you think is the ideal Between woman?
Ideal Between woman … ? Define by themselves.
But anyways in front of us we design for the 20-30 years old woman who always loved to play with bolder clothes but nowadays she wears clean garments. We try to combine this two lifestyles.


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    • Pink Pepper Paradise
      21. June 2016 / 13:26

      Thank you! Yes, Between is very unique, you will hear more about them I’m sure!
      I’m already waiting the new collection!

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