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Maxi dresses are one of the most trendy items in 2016. Chose a romantic flowy maxi dress for weekend or date, a lace fringe dress with leather jacket for your party outfit.  Monochrome or strapeless column dresses with denim jacket for the minimal lovers. Oh and don’t forget the boho ’70s dresses which are my favorites for festivals. It’s always a good choice to invest in a maxi dress and refresh your wardrobe.

There are also many ways to style maxi dresses: mix and match the same dress with high heel or loose flat shoes, straw bag or a designer crossbody bag. Maxi dresses are not just ideal for every days but good chose for a wedding or evening to be elegant and chic. You can wear them regardless of the seasons, you just need to chose the right color and pattern for the autumn/winter season.

Bloggers in maxi dresses:

Maxi dresses bloggers

Let me show you to find your perfect maxi dress for any all occassion. I found this online shop recently and they have over a thousand of maxi dresses. They are working with cutting edge independent fashion designers from around the word and they deliver high quality designer fashion to everyone. Thy also provide a platform for fashion designers to design clothes for his webshop, as they write: You design fashion, we provide the rests.

It has never been easier to find your perfect maxi dress like now. StyleWe has a great online shop with a huge selection. You can choose the style: beach, casual, cocktail, vintage… Pick your favorite color, material or pattern. My favorites are the floral patterns and boho style dresses but they have also a gorgeous maxi evening dresses too. Follow StyleWe on facebook for daily update and you can see the latest fashion clothes.

My favorite StyleWe maxi dresses:

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