5 Reasons why blogging is good

5 reasons why blogging is good

I started blogging a few month ago and I can say, I’m really enjoying it. I would like to post as long as I can, even I’m a 90 years old granny – I already imagined some granny outfits – anyway age is not an obstacle still you are creative and you have some extra energy for doing it. One of the best things in blogging that there are no limits. The theme is endless, you can post about anything what you like and you can grow as big as the social media indicators exist. There is always something to do: writing a new post, taking pictures, sharing photos on different platforms and after a while your blog takes complete control of your life. Of course, in a good way! 🙂 If this was not enough to show you why blogging is good, read my 5 reasons, I’m sure you will find some reasons too.

Let’s see my 5 reasons why blogging is good: 

1. You start new things

The biggest challenge for me was to create a website that looks like I want. That means, I needed to do some HTML programming, to be a bit graphic artist and read a lot about SEO. I have never done this things before and I’m so proud of myself because I could made it. I also didn’t use photoshop before, now I can easily manage the program.

2. Discovering new places

Every fashion blogger wants great pictures in great places, that means you need to explore the city and sometimes you get lost in new places. We usually just start to explore a new district, where we have never been and try to find a nice place for photo shooting. This expeditions have always positive outcome, because we find a great new place and surprised how diverse is the city where we living or in the worst case it was a pleasant walk. Ones I found a Hungarian fashion designer’s workshop in a small hidden street here in Vienna another time we found the best place for watching the sunset.

laptop work grey dress why blogging is good

3. Connect with new people

I specifically wrote connect not meet, because bloggers spent a lot of time online and get connection with other bloggers. I’m also a member of several blogger’s group and it’s great to discuss about common topics with someone the other side of the earth. Of course in the various events or a collaboration work you can meet new people and may be born new friendship, so meeting new people could be also a reason.

4. You want to do your best

When I’m writing a new blog post, I always want to do it perfectly. If I’m doing something, I want to do well. This perfectionism help me to be better and better. I have to learn many things, I am far from perfect, but I see that I’m already better than I was. I noticed that this attitude is not only appeared by blogging, but in my real life too. I started to design my flat better or I could finish faster and more organize with my to do list.  The best thing: If you doing your blog good, you get good feedback back.

5. You are your own boss

Your blog is just yours. You can write about what interesting you, it’s not a must have thing, you writing it because you love to do it. This is your own universe, where you are the boss and all freedom is yours. You can always say no for a collaboration what does not fit in your style or taste, no one can force you to do a job what you don’t want to do. This is the best thing in blogging and that’s why I never want to stop it! 🙂

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Virag Horvath
Virag Horvath

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  1. 6. November 2016 / 9:23

    That’s great. You have a passion for blogging and yes, so as long as you can write, write and post. I always tell people, if you can talk, you can blog. If you post status updates on your timeline, you’re micro blogging. The great thing about blogging is that it brings out the best in you. At times, if forces you to have the discipline to sit down get something done. Others times, you embark on going to places so you could write something. 🙂 This is a great way to meet new people.

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