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One of the inexpensive avenues to dress up your nails is to have it painted. Getting a professional to paint your nails can be quite expensive, but it can give terrific feelings, seeing how sexy your hands are looking.

However, the type of look from nail polish depends on the quality of the product if it is toxic free. Therefore, choosing the best nail polish from the pool of several brands on the market is a daunting task.

With good first-hand information, it will be better to make a decision in choosing the nail polish that is perfectly in line with your preferences and style.

One of the few points to consider is, choosing a good nail polish that doesn’t wear off or flake easily, yet keeps your nails in good shape.

it should have a large selection of colors to choose from, and then finish must look gorgeous with a glossy finish.

Nail polish problems

There are dangerous chemicals in many nail polish brands, which are very harmful to human health; therefore, users should be careful when choosing a brand to patronize. Afford nail polish products with the following ingredients.


It is an important ingredient in many nail polish brands, which is also known as the carcinogen. It is used in the preservation of dead things, and when used to preserve things in the laboratory, it comes with a strong warning that it must not be exposed to the skin and it must not be inhaled.


Toluene is a toxic chemical that causes dizziness as well as reproductive health problems. It is also, in gasoline, which CDC warns it is liable to cause problems in the central nervous system.

Dibutyl phthalate (DBP)

This chemical is very toxic as it causes reproductive problems in babies, mostly boys, no wonder it was banned in Europe. The environmental agency warns that it can cause endocrine disruption and organ problems. No doubt, no one will like to risk her health in the name of polishing nails.

A safe haven for nail polish enthusiasts

To start with, staying away from conventional nail polish is the best. There are brands that pose less danger that you can choose from, although, maybe a little expensive, but your health is at stake, therefore, choosing the nail polish that will expose you to less hazard is a good choice.

There are non-toxic nail polish brands on the market that were tested and are reliable based on their chemical composition and reviews from experts.

Some of the brands in this group are water-based polish, like the Aquarelle, though is a little on the high side financially, but it last longer on nails and comes with less chemical odor.

The Piggy Paints is quite cute as it is not expensive, although it doesn’t last long on nails, which a good choice for those who like to change their nail polish often.

Choosing the best nail polish is not just about the color, look, and the smell, since some brands of nail polish are dangerous to human health, settling for the right option that is not toxic is mandatory, if you consider your well-being.


















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