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The reason why I haven’t been active lately on the blog is, that I was working on my photography page. In the past year, I’ve started to learn photography. I have always loved taking pictures for my blog, but it wasn’t easy to find a photogapher for my outfit posts. It also took make ages to organize a street style shooting and edit the pictures.

The other reason why I wanted to start learning photography was, the image quality of the bloggers I followed. I have always been amazed of the blog posts from Julia Engel and other fashion bloggers. I wanted to know how they make such a beutiful images, what programs they use for pictures editing and what technical background they work with. Sooo I started to learn everyting about photography. I was learning from the famous youtubers, I joined to photography facebook groups and something amazing happened too: I could consultate with Stephen via Skype from Bree and Stephen photography, which was one of my best experience ever! I can recommend them if you are looking for a phorography mentor!!

I started to share my photography works on my Instagram site, that’s why I decided to rename my Instagram from @pinkpepperparadise to @viraghorvathphoto. Now you can see my pictures there and more from my porfolio on my photography website! Let me know what do you think about my photography website and comment below!

Here are some pictures of my recent works:

I have other changes on my Instagram site too! I made new Highlight covers. If you interested about how to make Instagram highlight covers, I wrote an article about this topic, includes downloadable icons. This time I used Phostoshop for my new highlight covers. If you interested about how to make highlight covers with photoshop I’ll write more about it soon.

This is how my Instagram page looks now

My own designed Instagram covers

I decided that I will design my own Instagram Highlight Covers, so I made it and I opened my brand new Etsy shop! You can buy my 50 ready-to useInstagram Highlight Covers now with Insta Story quote gift.

I hope you like them!

50 ready-to-use Instagram Higlight Covers with handwritten fonts
Virag Horvath
Virag Horvath

Vienna based photographer, who loves fashion, interior styling, films and food!

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